UPDATES: 21 DEC 2003: Finally, the king of the Internet has come back... on line!!!! I had major,
major problems with my computer but today I'm back online. Moved some stuff around and updated
the Homeland Security Alert System to High, so be careful, watchful and vigilant this holiday season. If
something in your gut says "This isn't right," go with it. I'll be here. Merry Christmas and happy
holidays, friends.
18 JUN 2003: Updated multiple pages. Added Lance Armstrong and Ollie North to the section USA_1.
Moved GodSpeaks.org to MFWS_main and moved RealClearPolitics to Network Section.
31 MAY 2003: Updated Homeland Security Advisory board. Added Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to HPIR
page 01. Updated mulitple pages. Added unit patch from the 244th Combat Communications Squadron,
Oregon Air National Guard, Portland, Oregon. I got this patch from Loren C. Von Ahn. Thanks mucho.
7 MAY 2003: Added multiple links and moved SECDEF Rumsfeld to HPIR page 03.
16 APR 2003: Added Darryl Worrley, the Air Force Aid Society, US Northern Command, and the
Freedom Alliance to USA_1 page. Changed photo on index page. Moved NewsMax.com to MFWS_main.
Moved WABC-AM to 2000NN_radio_page_02. Updated those pages as well.
9 APR 2003: Added names to the Opreation Iraqi Freedom page. Celebrated the liberation of Baghdad
and my dad's birthday. Moved President Thomas Jefferson to the People I Respect section and added
My Yahoo to USA_1 page. Added new poll question on
25 MAR 2003: Adding more names to the Operation Iraqi Freedom page. I am getting very sad about
doing this, but if I don't do this, who else is going to? Updated about three more pages. Updated logo for
the Air Force Sergeants Association.
23 MAR 2003: Added the Code of Conduct to the web site. Also updated multiple pages. Adding names,
unfortunately, to the Operation Iraqi Freedom page.
21 MAR 2003: Added a honor section for those who were killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Added
birthday greetings to MSgt Kathy Grossman.
6 MAR 2003: Updated multiple pages to reflect currency. Also added
fg-a.com to USA_1 page to thank
them for the great gifs. Check them out.
5 MAR 2003: Have added
michaelbsmith.net and hrhsmith1.com changes for accuracy. Updated some
pages and photo and added new links to both web sites. Take time to check the stuff out.
19 FEB 2003: Updated pages and provided a proper link to Space.com.
5 FEB 2003: I have updated multiple pages. Hope you like them.
1 FEB 2003: Do I really need to tell you?
31 JAN 2003: Updated lots of pages. Added photo of PM Tony Blair and President George W. Bush to
welcome page.
29 JAN 2003: Updated talk show host section, my favorite web site main section, and added photo of the
120 communications vehicle at an air show to index, and the White House and one of my coins on the
USA 1 page.
15 JAN 2003: Updated some sections. Added Doritos and Body for Life web sites.
8 JAN 2003:  Updated entire web site. Keep an eye on this great web site and thanks to everyone who
made this web site a 225 hit site. More than we ever had before!!!
Reviewed 17 JAN 2005