UPDATES: 18 DEC 2002: Updated welcome page to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy
holidays. Added 710 kHz KNUS-AM and US Navy web sites to USA_1 page. Moved WWE to wrestling
web site page. Updated my favorite web site pages and renamed them so they mean someting.
30 OCT 2002: Updated some pages on the web site. Added SECDEF Rumsfeld and Dr. King to USA_1
welcome page.
25 SEP 2002: Updated multiple pages. Added Food and Beverage page for the web site. Also wishing my
mom a very happy birthday on 30 SEP 2002.
9 SEP 2002: Updated and revised multiple pages. Moved some stuff around. Also remembering
9-11-2001. Don't you ever, EVER, forget what happened that day, the evil of terrorists and nations that
support their wicked deeds and the good of the USA and our friends, especially the UK and Israel.
31 JUL 2002: Added WABC-AM and Toby Keith to front page and Mike Gallagher to multiple pages.
Updated a few pages I have had computer problems and that is why it has been so late in updating.
19 FEB 2002: Updated entire web site.
6 FEB 2002: Updated entire web site again. Added US Olympic Committee, the World Wrestling
Federation, Mike Gallagher, and Sean Hannity to the welcome page. I got rid of the banners!!! This is
now a paid for site. Please patronize michaelbsmith.net to help us out.
5 FEB 2002: Updated entire web site. Put in for my own web site to be rid of them stupid banners!!!
9 JAN 2002:  Updated entire web site. New ideas coming in this new year of 2002. May it be a gazillion
times better than 2001!!!
Reviewed 17 JAN 2005