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10 DEC 2000: Revamped entire site. Let me know what you think...
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11 OCT 2000: Added congratulations for NASA as the 100th STS mission is in orbit. Added WWNZ-AM
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8 OCT 2000: Updated a whole lot of pages!!! Added picture of Pastor Arnold Murray and link to the The
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16 SEP 2000: Put up angry statements about Coach Bob Knight's firing. Added commentary for that.
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28 AUG 2000: Added prayer page.
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6 JUN 2000: Pacers added!!!
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24 MAR 2000 - Updated millenium people page. Added team page (thanks for the idea, Kathy!!!)
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19 FEB 2000 - Added Internet web links for Alan Keyes, Pat Buchanan, and Bill Bradley. Added pictures
for Alan Keyes and Bill Bradley
10 FEB 2000 - Gary Bauer and Steve Forbes removed from GOP page. Added Internet web address for
Sen. John McCain. Added pictures for Gov. George Bush and Sen. McCain.
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