Scooter is . . .
A really cute Russian
Blue breed cat who
was found in a wood
pile at my mom and
dad's place in
southern Indiana. She
is about 9 years old
and likes to play with
her human. She lives
with hrhsmith1.
Fun Facts:
Scooter's full name is
Scooter Tibbles McGee
She celebrates her
birthday on July 1. So you
fans, send those
More about my pet:
Scooter currently lives in northern Colorado. She likes to swat
people's ankles and then runs away so you can chase her.
She is usually very shy. Her hair is very soft and fuzzy. She likes
looking out the window at birds, sleeping in boxes and
aquariums, and getting all the attention in the world.
- long naps

- purring and stretching

- boxes and other
places to hide in
- going to the vet

- dogs

- water, baths
Scooter was involved in a
speech in fall 2003. What
a ham!!!!
Updated 28 NOV 2010