Michael Savage Makes Me Mad!!!
Written Friday, 15 July 2005
   Michael Savage usually makes me mad. He attacks anyone who he doesn't think is defending
America, an issue which I think merits great attention. George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales,
liberals, conservatives. It doesn't matter who or what it is, he'll be attacking it.
    I have had my problems with certain things that are going on in my country today. I am
disturbed that we are not defending our borders. In my mind, Mexico is one of the most corrupt
nations on Earth. Mexico is blessed with lots of natural resources, a good climate, and good
people. However, their government doesn't give a light golden dang about their people. {I
thought that Mexico was the reason that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
was created. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.} Well, that great big old vacuum cleaner
just sucked out all the jobs in the USA, didn't they??? The borders just get more and more
swamped by immigrants. Today, one in four children born in America is born to an immigrant. I
have no, zero, problems with immigrants, just as long as they obey the laws. One of those is
coming into this country to live. Just as problematic is the border with Canada and the
undefended coastline throughout the US. Immigrants seem to just waltz right over the border,
while Americans are told that they need a passport now to even travel to Mexico or Canada. I
guess that makes sense. We should be responsible citizens. All of us in the United States are
either immigrants or offspring of immigrants, multiple generations removed.
    This week I went to Mr. Savage's web site, Be forewarned!!!
On his web site, there are extremely hideous videos and photos there to make the point of the
evil that we Americans are fighting around the world. These videos show the evil that terrorists
do. The photos show the hostages that these [
EXPLETIVE DELETED] have taken before they
do their satanic deeds to these people. I clicked a photo, completely warned, but completely
unprepared for what I was about to see. When the mpeg came up, it showed a man lying on the
ground with his eyes covered with cloth, completely blinding him. In a flash, one of these
terrorist [
EXPLETIVE DELETED] took a knife to the hostage's throat and began to cut. Blood
poured from the hostage's open throat!!! The terrorist [
EXPLETIVE DELETED] sliced through
the throat to the point that the hostage's head was almost off!!! The body began to move
convulsively with air escaping from the body in a hideous, high pitched wheeze!!! Another
EXPLETIVE DELETED] pushes on the hostage's body to force more air from his body. It
wheezes more and I am utterly horrified!!!! What a bunch of [
couldn't take any more! I clicked off the file and logged off the Internet, horrified and angered
by what I had just seen.
    Michael Savage is right to be angry. Just thinking about what I had just seen makes me
furious!!! I think that Americans (some of them, at least) don't want to engage in reality:.the
reality of today's world. It is more cool to the people to be absorbed in Desperate Housewives,
the latest reality show, or who is Brad Pitt loving today. I don't give a dang about that. I care
about my country and my fellow citizens. I care about my God, my Savior, my family, those that
are my friends, and those that would be. Michael Savage makes me mad. It is necessary. I need
to be reminded by what reality is. Terrorism is real. People hating America is real. The continual
denegration and destruction of America is real. And reality really, really, REALLY sucks.
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Posted 15 JUL 2005
Talk Show Host Michael Savage
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